Pizza Mopeds

Scooters and Mopeds for the Delivery Industry.

The #1 food or logistics delivery moped. If your company needs to deliver hot food, cold food or even a logistics courier this moped is perfect for your business.

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A Design That Makes Sense.

The Pizza Peds Hot Box moulded to the back of the bike gives the bike a sleek image; it has been designed with your business in mind.

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Purpose Built Delivery Vehicles.

Choose the colour that’s right for your business, brand the bike and get your business name out there.

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Save Time and Money with our High Quality Vehicles.

With great mileage and low running costs, a custom built Pizza Ped is a real money saving tool for your business.

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  • handlebars
  • lights
  • pizzabox
  • wheel
  • handlebars
  • lights
  • pizzabox
  • wheel

Let Your Business Deliver

Utilising a purpose built Pizza-Ped within your business provides you with the tools to deliver all kinds of sensitive or important items. The built in and secure delivery box is also perfect for delivering fragile items or vital documents.

Professional Design

Maintain your professional image on the road with a Pizza-Ped Scooter. Our custom built units result in a far superior image for your company, and you can add the finishing touches with your own logo and colours.

Reliable Vehicles

Every part of your new Pizza-Ped is built with only the highest quality components. This includes a custom built engine, specifically designed for quck and efficient delvery within built up areas.

Safety Orientated

A moped is the perfect delivery vehicle, allowing drivers from 16 with a provisional license to ride in comfort and style.. You can rest assured that your staff are delivering on industry leading vehicles whilst lowering your own overheads and delivery costs.



Highest quality components for your business.

Equipped with high-quality components throughout such as generously dimensioned suspension elements and high-quality disc brakes a sturdy frame made from chrome-molybdenum stainless steel, alloy rims and aluminium handlebars with safety padding this is a moped that sets standards in its class.




The ONLY vehicle purpose built for food delivery.

With its unique built in keep hot facility it will ensure your food will reach your customers fresh and hot, or be it cold food the bag inside will keep it cool or even parcels and packages dry.

Streamline design allowing quick and efficient deliveries.
Easy to store and maintain.
Anyone over the age of 16 can drive with a provisional UK license.



Individual delivery mopeds customised to your Business.

All of our moped purchases give you the choice to put your branding on the sides. Professional printing and finishing means your professional image will be represented anywhere they travel.




Represent your business with your colour scheme.

As well as brand logos, we can customise the moped's colouring to your specification. Match your companies colours or go for a timeless colour such as black or red.




All order sizes catered for.

Whether you are after just one custom moped for your business or if you need 100, we can deliver for your company. We can provide logistical solutions for even the largest scale operation.




Full contract service available.

For large scale operations we can offer a contracting service and supply allowing you to get a dynamic delivery solution which can be financed on a monthly basis.


Mopeds Work. It's a Fact.

Mopeds save money for any home delivery business. Why not buy one which is custom built for you company.

Parts and Supplies

Full aftermarket parts available

Pizza Peds have reputable parts dealers at our disposal. Submit your enquiry now.

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