Q. How will this moped financially benefit my business?

  • Low cost to purchase.
  • 125cc 4 stroke - 76 MPG.
  • Road Tax cost £16 per year.
  • Service, parts and repairs are cheaper than a car.
  • Speedier delivery times.
  • Customer satisfaction ensuring repeat business due to hot food delivered.

Q. Can I choose the colour and branding for my moped?

  • A variety of colours are available. (See our colour chart)
  • Yes, we can brand the moped at an extra cost or you can do it yourself.

Q. What is included in the price of purchase?

  • Tax for 12 months of £16 is an added cost.
  • Registration and Number plates are an added cost.
  • Warranty is for 1 year or 6000 miles.
  • Moped is tested, safe and ready to use on the road immediately.
  • Delivery of the moped is an additional charge depending where in the UK you are.

Q. Can I get parts if needed?

  • All parts are available to purchase direct from us.
  • We will ensure to deliver those parts within 24 hours if possible, the same day.

Q. Can my own mechanic service and maintain my moped?

  • Yes, your mechanic will be able to service and maintain the moped.
  • The engine is a GY6, Honda license engine.
  • If you would like a service contract with us, then please ask for further information.

Q. How reliable is the moped?

  • The moped is very reliable, and is a quality build. Being a derivative of a Honda license engine.

Q. Do you recommend regular inspections of the moped?

  • Yes, Pizza Peds strongly recommend that a brief check of the moped is done daily.
  • We recommend that a short service of the moped is done monthly, ie, checking tyres, oil levels and lights and making sure the moped is road legal.
  • These checks will ensure the driver is safe and the moped is well looked after in and out of warranty.
  • We will provide a checklist template for the moped which needs to be completed t keep the warranty valid.

Q. Is it easy to contact someone at Pizza Peds?

  • Yes, we are committed in making sure that all our clients have excellent customer service every step of the way from order to delivery of the moped.
  • We are a phone call away from it being another order of the bike or an issue you may encounter, in which we will do our best to get resolved straight away as we understand your business is important.
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